Three core values at Emma Jane Weddings

Creative, Modern and Mindful. These are my core values, they dictate how I conduct my business and who I am not just as a wedding planner, but as an individual too. Today, I'm sharing with you the reasons behind each value. Planning a wedding is an intimate and emotional journey, so it is only fitting that the person supporting you throughout the process has values that align with your priorities.

  1. I consider my creativity one of the most valuable skills I can lend to each couple during the planning process. The ability to be innovative in sticky situations, or when new ideas are required to meet the brief, is infinitely useful in wedding planning and one of the most enjoyable parts of my job.

  2. I am forever speaking about tearing up the ‘typical wedding template’ in order to have the wedding YOU want. This is my take on a modern approach to wedding planning: giving couples that delicious ‘permission’ to include whatever they like in their wedding day, and supporting those choices, too.

  3. And mindfulness. Let’s be mindful of your budget, of how we work with our supplier team, of how the schedule will flow, of the experiences you and your guests will have, and of what is truly important to you both on your wedding day.

Planning a wedding in the UK or Europe? Contact me to find out more about how I support couples through the wedding planning and styling process - I'd love to hear from you!