Five reasons why you should book a wedding planner

Emma Jane Weddings setting up a wedding table
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There are infinite reasons why couples prefer to work with a wedding planner, as everyone has different situations and requirements, but for me, these five are most often the case.


You simply might not have the hours in your week to dedicate to planning a wedding. Wedding planning is admin heavy, and time consuming. And as the wedding date approaches, the time spent bringing final details together increases.


Most weddings actually become quite complicated events, with a large number of components to organise and an equally large supplier team to coordinate.


If you and your wedding location are quite far apart, it is always simpler and less stressful to have either a planner in the same area as your venue or, one who is familiar with planning weddings from afar.


Most wedding planners are stylists too (because it’s the best part of our job🤫). If you don’t have a natural flair for design, taking on a wedding concept and ensuring that it works cohesively, and comes in on budget, can be a difficult task to undertake. Though if you feel confident about the planning elements but not the design, you can always ask a planner/stylist to help with the wedding design only.

And support

Sometimes knowing that someone will have your back throughout the process and guide you through each step is more than enough reason to book a wedding planner.

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