Things To Consider When Booking Suppliers For Your 2021 Wedding

One thing you need right now if you’ve just gotten engaged (yay!) is a positive outlook. I say this because while we are still living through the realities of this pandemic, our lives are moving forward regardless - and we, naturally, want to move forward and look to the future too!

So, I’m here to tell you that you can start planning your wedding AND getting excited about it. Approaching the matter of wedding planning positively and optimistically is going to make your experience much more enjoyable, and if you follow a few practical steps you’ll ensure that you’ve protected yourself against disappointment or financial loss while still keeping the magic of wedding planning alive. Let’s jump right in.

Emma Aldridge from Emma Jane Weddings - London Wedding Planner
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I’m advising all newly engaged couples to be realistic from the very start of their planning journey.

Unless you’re happy to have a weekday wedding (which, by the way, is becoming more and more common – and yes, your guests WILL book the day off to celebrate with you), I would recommend looking at wedding dates towards the end of 2021 or in 2022. Many couples have moved their weddings over to 2021 and this is, understandably, resulting in low weekend and holiday availability for venues and suppliers. This is also a great time to let you know that winter weddings can be so wonderful, especially if you’re looking at venues where the ceremony and celebrations can easily take place inside or under covered areas with cosy heating. Plus, cooler weather is often appreciated when you’re dressed to the nines!

Give yourself peace of mind and be informed prior to confirming your booking with a supplier.

I really recommend taking the time to speak to your suppliers in order to properly understand their postponing procedures and what their availability is like around your date and the months following it. This is where having a wedding planner is a massive weight off your shoulders. Before presenting any supplier to a couple, I first like to get to know them so that I am confident in my recommendation, and naturally these items have been added to that process. By speaking openly to your suppliers about any concerns you may have, you give them the opportunity to inform and reassure you, so should we be faced with uncertain circumstances once more, there is a solid relationship in place, no worry that either side will lose out and a clear plan on how to proceed.

Read your contracts!

This one is short and sweet: read your agreements thoroughly and check that what you have discussed is reflected in the contract. If it isn’t, don’t immediately jump to the worst conclusions, your supplier may have forgotten to update their standard contract and will be more than happy to send an amended version over.

Be mindful and remember that your suppliers are people too, and we only want the absolute best possible outcome for you.

I know that consumer confidence is low at the moment but looking to the future and happier times will pull us all through, and each booking you make will have an extremely grateful and excited supplier dancing on the side of the phone.

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