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I’m Emma, the creative behind Emma Jane Weddings.

My passion for events and celebrations goes right back to my days in Cape Town, South Africa, where I grew up.

In our family, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home and quality, made-from-scratch food has always been essential to me.

Weddings are all about friends and family, excellent food and drink and an amazing setting to mark the occasion. I believe that, large or small, these are the building blocks for a memorable event.

Professional values aside, I live in London with my partner and have a house full of plants (they’re taking over my lounge!). Each day, I look forward to a coffee break at my local independent coffee shop, who serve the BEST oat milk flat whites. 

As a person, I’m pretty laidback and tend to appreciate experiences over items. My role as a wedding planner is a supporting one. I help couples to have the wedding experience they have dreamed of, and guide them when they are straying from their original course. It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of wedding planning and lose sight of what’s important to you. That's where I come in and help.

Emma Aldridge from Emma Jane Weddings at Amber Lakes
Evie Young Bridal boho wedding dress and Charlotte Mills wedding shoes

For me, the key to a successful wedding is remembering that the day is about celebrating your union. Your wedding will be the ultimate celebration of your love story and the day should be about all the things you love, especially each other. 

Charlotte Mills wedding shoes and engagement ring flatlay
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