wedding stylist London

There honestly isn't an image that sums me up better than this one

I'm always laughing and my hair spends 90% of its time pushed out of my face by the closest item to hand - a well loved pair of sunnies in this case!

I adore colour and design, love spending time outdoors (early morning and late evening walks are my favourite) and having grown up in Cape Town, live for the sunshine.

Together with my husband (who was also my high school sweetheart), I live in a leafy part of London and regularly enjoy walks along the river and very strong coffees.

It should also be known that I am an absolute book nerd, and frequently have to find new spaces for the never ending stream of paperback purchases.

And when I'm not planning events, reading books or enjoying the fresh air, you'll find me tending to my houseplants, experimenting in the kitchen or scrolling Pinterest for interior design inspo.

HOME | London

DESTINATION | Cape Town and Mallorca

LOVES | Reading, fitness, nature, art and dinner parties

FOOD | How can you choose?! Italian and Vietnamese